HD Video: John B @ Pirate Station Immortal, St. Petersburg 31.01.09

March 8, 2009

720p HD Tour video of John B’s biggest gig ever to 25,000+ ravers at the SKK arena in St. Petersburg for the Pirate Station ‘Immortal’ Event.

Loads of live footage from his set in the main arena, then the VIP Deluxe arena for his 2nd set. Crazy performances from acrobats and performance artists & sexydancers on-stage. And some bonus footage from the artists’ area backstage, and pretty scary video of stilt walkers falling over! (We hope they’re ok!)

Much love to all the Russian fans, all the organisers & crew that made the event as amazing and memorable as it was!

To be followed by another video of all the random backstage drunken banter 😉

Available in Super-Mega HD on vimeo & youtube.

If you want to download the video file for iphone & ipod click here.

If you want to download the BIG 720p video file compatible with most players click here.

You can also download the special John B Pirate Station Podcast if you click here.

AND you can see all the photos from the event if you click here.

HD Video: Backstage @ Pirate Station, St. Petersburg 31.01.09

March 8, 2009

To watch the video in High Definition on YouTube click here

Randon drunken backstage banter at Pirate Station in St. Petersburg. John B with the camera chatting and rambling with El Hornet of Pendulum, Noisia, Chase & Status, Subfocus. And a piano. No DJs were harmed during the making of this film…

To download this video file for ipod & iphone click here.

To download this video file for apple TV/PS3 etc in full 720p click here.

Photos: John B @ Pirate Station Moscow 21.02.09

March 8, 2009

Post taken from the official John B Blog:

Think I’ve just about managed to round up all the photos that could be found in the internet from this event 😉

Last Saturday I played in Moscow, for the Pirate Station guys again, HUGE party in a big Expo Hall in the middle of Moscow. Someone told me it was the biggest Expo complex in Europe. I believe them! Hungary was the day before, and I went straight form the gig to the airport in Budapest, didn’t get to sleep till about 3pm when I made it to the hotel in Moscow. Woke up to the surreal rumble of the sound system warming up (hotel was in the same complex) and the first of many super-theatrical intros they do, really got me tingling! I’d watched Hellboy 2 earlier in the week, with the ‘Golden Army’ and man, it sounded like there were a gazillion golden army robo-goblins waking up and crashing about. Too much for my jetlagged & frazzled brain! Heheh!

So yeah, an amazing gig, I got to the stage nice and early so I could hang out with the other DJs and hear what was being played, and just take in the vibes – really good time. So yeah, thanks to all the organizers & to all my Russian fans that stayed right till the end to see me play at 5am! It really was special 😉

You’ll already know this if you are a subscriber to my fabulous podcast (!) but they broadcast my set live, and I managed to get a recording and its now available FREE as a lovely podcast! CLICK HERE for more info.

Oh, and add me on vkontakte.ru here!! 😉

All the photos I found (and was thankfully sent by you guys out there) can be seen in galleries on my flickr, facebook & myspace pages. Enjoy!

Photos: John B @ Agava Club, Ufa 22.02.09

March 8, 2009

Thanks to the organizers and everyone at the party that sent us their photos from the gig!

You can view the whole gallery on John B’s flickr page if you click here

They are also available on John B’s myspace page, and facebook page.

John B “Pirate Station 7” Mix CD [Limited Edition]

March 8, 2009

We have a very limited quantity of these CDs – a promotional special CD John B compiled and mixed for the Radio Record Pirate Station Immortal Party in St. Petersburg in January 2009.

Click here to buy the CD at the Beta Recordings Webstore. (Shipping Worldwide).

John B – Pirate Station 2009 CD Mix
Compiled & Mixed by John B

1. John B feat. Shaz Sparks – Red Sky

2. John B – Dancing In The Dark

3. John B – When The Time Comes (ReEdit)

4. Klement – Sirene

5. C4C – Synergy (Black Sun Empire Remix)

6. Receptor – Kurchatov

7. Seba – Blaze & Fade Out

8. Spor – Some Other Funk

9. Nero – Bump

10. Camo & Krooked – Global Warming

11. Billain – Intrusion

12. John B – Russian Bride

13. Klement – Check the This Is

14. John B – Mr. Freud

15. John B – Numbers

16. John B – The Journey (v1.0)

John B Podcast 061: Pirate Station Special

February 8, 2009

John plays us all the tracks that rocked his set at this year’s HUGE Radio Record Pirate Station party in St. Petersburg, Russia. An epic selection of BIG trance, electro & techno influenced Drum & Bass especially for all those who came to the Pirate Station Party and want something to remember John B’s mighty set by!


1. Conrad S – Apologies (DJ Phrenzy Remix)
2. John B – Light Speed [Beta]
3. Fresh – Offworld (John B quick Re-Edit) [BBK]
4. Phace – Cold Champagne [Neosignal]
5. Unknown – Deadmau5 Remix
6. Kubrak – Fast Forward [Breed]
7. Receptor – kurchatov
8. Camo & Krooked – Mindset [Hopefully Beta!]
9. Intra:mental v dBridge – Detuned [Darkestral Recordings]
10. Electrosoul System – Attention
11. Blu Mar Ten – If I could tell you
12. Spor – Aztec [Shogun]
13. John B – Mercury Skies (Sunsonik Rmx v1) [Beta]
14. Shock One – Polygon [Viper]
15. Camo & Krooked – Synthesis
16. Logistics – Jungle Music [Hospital]
17. John B – The Journey [Beta]
18. John B feat. Shaz Sparks – Heroes
19. Body & Soul – Fourward [Nasca]

See all the photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/betarecordings/sets/72157613271982170/


Photos: John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

January 9, 2009

Thanks to the photographers that sent in their pics for this (email us with your credits and we can link it in!).

John played another mighty set in Russia, the day before the Tver gig, back in December 2008. Rostov is a couple of hours flight south of Moscow and apparently the capital of gangsterism in Russia or something (that’s what they told us anyway!). Great gig as usual – thanks to the organisers & special thanks to all the ravers that came and danced their nuts off!

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

John B in Rostov, Russia 5.12.08

Photos: John B @ Sunrise Club, Tver, Russia (Nov 2008)

January 9, 2009

Some photos from the John B gig in Tver, which is about a 3 hour drive North-West from Moscow (you get to drive past Tschaikovsky’s house on the way. And a million McDonalds’ (!).

Thanks to the photographers from geometria.ru & the others on the night that let us repost the pics here.

You can view the whole photo set on John B’s flickr page here.

Also big shout out to the organisers Rita & Alex and VLADIMIRRR and his mighty Italo Disco collection!

John B @ Sunrise Club, Tver, Russia (Nov 2008)

John B @ Sunrise Club, Tver, Russia (Nov 2008)

John B @ Sunrise Club, Tver, Russia (Nov 2008)

John B @ Sunrise Club, Tver, Russia (Nov 2008)

John B @ Pirate Station 7. St. Petersburg 31.01.09

January 9, 2009


Pirate Station 2009

Noisia (NL)
Pendulum (DJ set) (UK)
Subfocus (UK)
John B (UK)
Hazard (UK)
Spor (UK)
Chase & Status (UK)
MC Jakes (UK)


@ СКК Петербургский
De 22:00 à 06:00
Prix : 800 rub.

Photos: John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk (November 2008)

November 11, 2008

Here’s a new photoset from the John B gig last weekend in Murmansk, Russia. John had a seriously heavy weekend, flying out of London early on Friday, and not getting to sleep in a proper hotel bed until about 4am on Sunday morning after the 2nd gig the other side of the country in Novosibirsk, Siberia!

Murmansk is a 2 hour flight North of Moscow, right on the coast, really close to Finland – and used to have the biggest Submarine base over there during the cold war. Its also very cold there in November!

Thanks to the guys on vKontakte.ru who sent the pics over!

If you want to see the whole photo set just head over to John B’s flickr page. You can check them out as a slideshow by clicking here.

John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk Russia

John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk Russia

John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk Russia

John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk Russia

John B @ Pilot Club, Murmansk Russia

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