John B Podcast 081: John B ‘Classics’ set @ DNBTVLive 24.8.10

September 3, 2010

John B played a ‘Classics’ set at the DNBTV Live launch party for their Anthology Compilation, and we got the recording! 1 hour of all his favourite stuff from around 1996 to about 2001. Enjoy! (And please vote for John B in the DJ Mag Top 100!)

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1. Adam F // Brand Nu Funk
2. Dillinja // Acid Track
3. Dom & Roland // Can’t Punish Me
4. Krust // Soul in Motion
5. Boymerang // Still
6. Origin Unknown // Valley of the Shadows
7. Spirit, Digital // Phantom Force
8. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce // Locust
9. Dillinja // Hard Noize
10. John B // Up All Night
11. Omni Trio // Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix)
12. Dillinja // Silver Blade
13. Genotype // The Germ
14. Shy FX // Bambaata (Dillinja Remix)
15. Roni Size // Trust Me
16. DJ Die // Autumn
17. LTJ Bukem // Music
18. Dillinja // Soul Control
19. John B // Secrets
20. Adam F // Metropolis
21. Dillinja // Armoured-D
22. John B // Pressure (Original Mix)
23. Doc Scott // Drumz 95
24. Dom, Optical // Quadrant 6

Here’s a video from the night from youtube.


September 1, 2010

Please Vote for John B in the DJ Mag Top 100 Vote!!

So its that time of year again where I need your vote! This is the only awards thing I really bother trying to get support for, so excuse me if it feels a bit spammmmy for the next couple of weeks (voting ends September 23rd I think). We need the votes if we’re going to get Electro Drum & Bass up there & fight against the cheesy Guetta-pokalypse, Jimmy Saville campaigns on facebook & old-guard DJs with major labels and big PR Teams behind them!

Thanks to you guys last year I finally broke into the DJ Mag Top 100 (#92 overall) & actually made it as #1 Drum & Bass DJ which was an amazing achievement, especially for someone as far outside the typical, UK mainstream DnB scene… So THANKS… AGAIN!!

This year we’re aiming higher so need your help to get things boosted!

The poll is traditionally dominated by the big, pop, house & trance DJs, Tiesto, Guetta etc etc with major label PR budgets behind them, and DnB never really gets much of a look-in, so we need the votes even more – it would be absolutely MIGHTY if I could break into the top 50, or higher this year – so PLEAAAAASE go vote for me at and try to get your mates/grandma/cat to do it too!

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