John B “Mr. Freud/Red Sky”

February 18, 2008

John B “Mr. Freud” mp3 Clip

John B feat. Shaz Sparks “Red Sky” mp3 Clip

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This is John B’s first solo single since last year’s critically acclaimed electro drum & bass album Electrostep.

Mr. Freud has already had 160,000 plays on John Bs Myspace player, and is John B back at his best, fusing hard D&B beats with luxurious trancey strings, a heavy electrohouse-influencd B-line, and sleazy electroclash-style vocals & roboVocoders. It?s a dirty beast, a stand-out electrohouse-meets-D&B anthem, refreshingly different and another John B-designed genre-busting new direction for D&B.

Red Sky brings John back to the epic Trance & Bass style he pioneered with hits like Up all Night & Electrofreek! but with an updated production style for 2008. Shaz Sparks beautiful vocals compliment the fluid, euphoric trance textures. Grand piano & huge anthemic pads that Armin Van Buuren would be proud of are contrasted by a monstrous, grimey racecar reese bassline and heavy neurofunk groove, still smashing it in a DJ-friendly Drum&Bass framework.

Release Date: Feb 25th 2008

John B “To Russia With Love” Mix CD

February 9, 2008



We only have a few copies of this in so it’s a VERY LIMITED product! A mix CD John B recorded only for release in Russia…


1. Camo & Krooked – Curse of the Future (Body & Soul Remix)

Written & Produced By Camo & Krooked

Remixed by Body & Soul

2. John B – Mr Freud

Written & Produced by John B

Beta Recordings 2007

3. Electrosoul System – Anywhere

writen & produced by Andrey Burtaev


4. Simon V – Cloudspotter

Written and produced by Simon V Jarosch

Published by Copyright Control //

5. Subsonix – Remember

Written & Produced by Subsonix

Cymbalism Recordings 2007

6. Blu Mar Ten – Headturner

Written & Produced by Blu Mar Ten

Tangent Recordings 2007

7. Castor – Axe To Grind

Written & Produced by Keith Ross

Beta Recordings 2007

8. Black Sun Empire vs Som – Red Velvet

Written & Produced by Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire Recordings 2007

9. Spor – 1up

Written & Produced by Spor

Lifted Music 2007

10. John B – Take me Home (feat. Stareyes)

Written & produced by John B

Vocals by Stareyes

Beta Recordings 2007

11. ShockOne – Resistance

Written & Produced by ShockOne

Viper Recordings 2007

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12. John B – Midnight Air 2006

Written & Produced By John B

Vocals by John B

Beta Recordings 2006

13. John B & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Connected

Written by John B & Kirsty Hawshaw

Produced by John B

Vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw

Beta Recordings 2006

14. Subsonix – Inside Your Mind

Written & Produced by Subsonix

Beta Recordings 2007

15. John B – Rendez Vous

Written & Produced By John B

Vocoder Vocals by John B

Beta Recordings 2007

16. Muffler – The Game

Written & Produced by Muffler

Formation Records 2007