John B – Pressure 2019

November 25, 2019

Stream & Download:

Stream & Download:

JOHN B – PRESSURE 2019 (TIMELINES ALBUM SAMPLER) Sampler for forthcoming John B ‘Best Of Anthology album “TIMELINES”


1. PRESSURE 2019

2. PRESSURE 2019 (Version to predictably Double Drop with some other foghorn track as though you’re some kind of visionary genius you ungrateful bastards)*

*Beatport & exclusive

Described by Mixmag as “in a league of his own,” it’s undeniable that John B knows how to stand out from the crowd. With an eighties-influenced aesthetic of shocked silver hair, bright makeup and eyeliner and an attitude packed with the sheer exuberance of modern club culture, John B is a world apart from your overly edgy, run-of-the-mill, black t-shirt types.

This identity filters through into his music and you’ll know a John B tune when you hear one: playful but serious, full of energy yet still more sophisticated than most. His ability to balance a wide array of sounds, styles and influences is perhaps his defining ability as a musician – an ability that’s encapsulated on his forthcoming “TIMELINES” anthology album project.

Red Sky, Starburst and recent banger Approaching Zero are just a few of the many tracks that are being remastered and revitalised for Timelines, a three-part, digital only retrospection on John B’s greatest hits. It’s a milestone for John, a celebration of a decades-spanning career that’s seen his name spread across charts and billboards around the world.

As well as some of his best-known music, John is also reaching deep into the vaults to master and release a slew of his own never-before-heard gems from 1995 to the mid 2000s – undeniably one of the greatest periods in the genre’s history. With these two sections split over the three parts, Timelines covers almost twenty years of John’s creative history and it does so with all the style and wit that we’ve come to expect.

To best hear that history, keep an eye out for his exclusive Timelines sets, which will involve him digging deep into the Headz Blue Note-era archives and reaching for some serious classics, as well as some Timelines themed editions of his famed podcast.

It’s part of a retrospective tip currently characterising John and Beta Recordings but also the scene more broadly, demonstrated well by his contribution to Spearhead’s celebration of their 100th release, as well as the upcoming remixes of ‘Up All Night’ as part of the 25 Years of Metalheadz celebrations.

With several other releases in the works, including a remix for coldwave legends ‘the KVB’, a 2 track collaboration with Digital on long-time haunt Metalheadz, new singles on Beta, newly built studio a new AV project John B’s music schedule is almost as packed as his DJ calendar.

Having recently hit Russia, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Let It Roll, John B is bringing his focused yet eclectic musical selections to an ever-increasing global D&B audience.

For those unable to make it to a live set, John’s got a mammoth two-hour Timelines studio mix in the works which will showcase his modern approach to spinning the classics, as well as some never-heard, salvaged mixes from the late 1990s.