TIMELINES (1995-2020) awarded ‘Album of the Month’ in Mixmag!

March 12, 2020

What a lovely review! Thanks Mixmag!!!

For more info about John B’s latest album, an anthology of his Greatest Hits & ‘Lost Tapes’ click here.

Mixmag Single of the Month & 10/10 for “Lava EP”

June 22, 2016


“When the Time Comes” review in DJ Mag. November 2008

November 3, 2008

Taken from DJ Mag, November 2008 edition.

John B
“When the Time Comes/Dancing in the Dark”

The electro don returns. John its us with retro-style echoe arpeggios darting and twisting over a super cool crash and crumble robo-beat.

Mixmag Single of the Month: John B “Mr. Freud/Red Sky”

October 13, 2008

John B

Red Sky/Mr Freud (Beta)

“Hands in the air Magic”

A few years back Mixmag’s cover CD ‘Trance & Bass’ became one of our most popular ever, its sucess down to John B’s beleif that jungle, trance and electro can work together. His new 12″ is pure trancey D&B gold, with tight production, breakdowns dripping with euphoric sparkliness & drops as heavy as anything from Ram Records. A unique sound from a real Maverick. 4/5


Mr. Freud & Red Sky are also available on John B - Mr. Freud / Red Sky - EP, Beatport.com, Trackitdown.net & your friendly local record store…

John B Presents: “Brainstorm”. VirginMagazine.com review

January 8, 2003

Review of John B’s ‘Brainstorm’ Album from Virginmagazine.com.

John B Presents Brainstorm. Review from Virgin