Mixmag Single of the Month & 10/10 for “Lava EP”

June 22, 2016


John B Press Kit 2010

August 2, 2011

Click here to download the whole press kit .pdf file (105Mb)

Click here to download the whole press kit .pdf file (105Mb)

“When the Time Comes” review in DJ Mag. November 2008

November 3, 2008

Taken from DJ Mag, November 2008 edition.

John B
“When the Time Comes/Dancing in the Dark”

The electro don returns. John its us with retro-style echoe arpeggios darting and twisting over a super cool crash and crumble robo-beat.

Mixmag Single of the Month: John B “Mr. Freud/Red Sky”

October 13, 2008

John B

Red Sky/Mr Freud (Beta)

“Hands in the air Magic”

A few years back Mixmag’s cover CD ‘Trance & Bass’ became one of our most popular ever, its sucess down to John B’s beleif that jungle, trance and electro can work together. His new 12″ is pure trancey D&B gold, with tight production, breakdowns dripping with euphoric sparkliness & drops as heavy as anything from Ram Records. A unique sound from a real Maverick. 4/5


Mr. Freud & Red Sky are also available on John B - Mr. Freud / Red Sky - EP, Beatport.com, Trackitdown.net & your friendly local record store…

John B Presents: “Brainstorm”. VirginMagazine.com review

January 8, 2003

Review of John B’s ‘Brainstorm’ Album from Virginmagazine.com.

John B Presents Brainstorm. Review from Virgin