Photos: John B @ Radio Record Open Air in Donskoy City, Russia

November 11, 2008

Photos taken from the John B gig in Donskoy City, Russia on August 31 2008. Big thanks to the photographers and Julia from Radio Records for getting the CDs over to us! Felt quite spy-like picking them up in Siberia!

We had a great time over there, Donskoy City was a really cool city and the organiser looked after us so well – lots of blinis & caviar!! It was a shame that the weather was so bad – you can see from the photos just how wet it was – the city got hit with a huge rain & thunder storm all day long… ;-(

You can see the whole set on John B’s flickr page, or view a full page slideshow by clicking here.

Also we have a video from the gig here.




John B Podcast 058: JohnBTV // John B @ Open Air Party in Donoskoy City, Russia

October 8, 2008

Another video posted up for your enjoyment…

This one was filmed in late August at the John B Radio Record gig in Donskoy City, a city about 2-3 hours drive from Moscow. The promoter was actually a local government official, really cool guy who wanted to build up his town into a sort of Russian version of Ibiza! The venue was in part of his nature reserve complex with a huge outdoor club/bar etc.

Unfortunately the weather was terrible and it was bascially raining and thunderstorming the whole time – so it ended up totally washed out, and not that many people – but as you can see – those that came were seriously into it!