John B Future Music Feature

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Future Music Feature


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  1. damian miles on December 28th, 2009 3:37 pm

    cant hav it….lol….just wanted to say, the sofers dirty….lol…..anyway, been ages man,,thing been realley rough,people still doint tell me shit,i dont tell you shit,as in someones bollock dioria. if you catch my frank/?. been kept in the dark from everything .people are taking some major advantages,or some should i say,serviour liberties would be more like it with the soul. like i said man.ive moved and that anyway ,not far and you should know anywhay.i dont need say anymore,but i will do as everything of which i pos,ess i bloody own.belive and people have to stop trying too steel it. i know when i ve been shit over everyone makes themselves very scarce and hard to find. im allways around.
    my copy ov of buisare ink. playing with nives has disapered though…//.?.

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