John B Podcast 022: JohnBTV // John B in Outer Mongolia

November 11, 2006

John B on tour in Russia again, this time in Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk, way out east, pretty much outer mongolia. Definitely a wierd one…

John B Podcast 021: Electrohouse Mix // Redux May 2006

November 7, 2006

John Bs First full Electrohouse Mix for the Redux show on XM Satellite Radio, first broadcast on 21 May 2006.

Yes – it’s finally here… The latest John B show for XM Radio, and you guys get the VIP advance mp3 biznizch… Feel free to share with your friends, upload mirrors to and all that bizniz, post the links on your local message boards – will probably save our servers some trauma…

This time it’s all in for a full hour of 4/4 electrohouse & electro-techno, with a bit of chat for those that have a soft spot for English accents… 🙂 This mix should serve as a showcase of how & what John B plays for alternative non-DnB sets (when required) – grimey electrohouse, a bit of ‘minimal’ & stonking electro-techno with rocky-guitars…

Hope you like it! Don’t forget to leave comments on myspace and all that stuff…


1. Twisted Emotion – Hyper
2. Behind the Wheel – Playgroup Rmx
3. Marathon Man – Stephan Bodzin
4. Impact Disco – Marc Romboy
5. Up In The Art – Artifex
6. Body jack – Mark Romboy & Tommie Sunshine
7. Rutte Delicious – Ja Ja
8. House Ya – Mark Romboy & Blake Baxter
9. Jupiter – Chris Menace
10. Adyra – Duoteque
11. Closer – Ascii. Disko
12. Heat – Gregor Tresher
13. Me On (Alex Kenji Rmx) – Johan Afterglow
14. Lunar Connoisseur – Gabriel Palomo
15. Rokit – Jerome Isma-Ae

So yeah, check out the Redux show on XM radio, on ‘The Move’ channel next week, or if you don’t have an XM subscription just DL the mp3 file here:

John B Podcast 020: JohnBTV // Moscow (Nov 2006)

November 5, 2006

John B on tour in Moscow – Djing at a club called ‘Persona grata’ and visiting the Kremlin and Red Sqare the day afterwards. Oh, and being drunk and wearing a Russian Army hat talking about fighting bears… The usual…

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