Nicki Minaj Samples John B’s ‘Red Sky’

July 31, 2012

Nicki Minaj’s #1 Platinum album ‘Pink Friday’

In appreciation ofテつJohn B’sテつunique drum and bass style, Cash Money Records’ very own world-wide superstar, Nicki Minaj, has chosen to heavily sample John B’s drum and bass hit, ‘Red Sky’ on her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ on her track “Here I am”.

Minaj is best known for her own unique blend of hip hop and R&B, which saw her peak to #1 in the US charts for ‘Pink Friday’. The Album also reached Platinum status (industry recognition for selling 1m albums, plus). Beta Recordings’ very own John B is proud to have been a part of it!

Known for its famous heavy motorbike synth and trance piano, ‘Red Sky’ fits in perfectly as the backing track to Minaj’s vocals in her personal song, ‘Here I Am’. Listen below to hear both tracks and follow the links to buy ‘Red Sky’ and more tracks on John B’s latest album ‘Light Speed’.

John B, ‘Red Sky’ (Light Speed)

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Nicki Minaj, ‘Here I Am’ (Pink Friday)

Need your vote! “Red Sky” Nominated for an IDMA!

February 11, 2009

Post taken from the John B Blog:

“Greetings all – its that time again where I need you to do a few clicks on my behalf…

My track ‘Red Sky‘ (with the fabulous Shaz Sparks on Vocals) has been nominated for Best Drum & Bass track at the IDMAs (International Dance Music Awards) which is held in Miami during the WMC (Winter Music Conference). Its the only D&B-related category in there, mostly more mainstream dance stuff – so really great to be nominated! (Thanks to those of you that helped with that!)

So if you go to this link, remember to vote for my track, ‘Red Sky’ and whatever other categories you want to (you don’t have to plough through them all, it lets you leave as many blank as you want) and then when they email you back to validate your vote just click the link in the email and its all done. It only takes a couple of minutes and I’d be superrrrrr grateful for the support!


OK I’m off to get this new podcast done – hope you liked the new video yesterday!

Rock on!”

Mixmag Single of the Month: John B “Mr. Freud/Red Sky”

October 13, 2008

John B

Red Sky/Mr Freud (Beta)

“Hands in the air Magic”

A few years back Mixmag’s cover CD ‘Trance & Bass’ became one of our most popular ever, its sucess down to John B’s beleif that jungle, trance and electro can work together. His new 12″ is pure trancey D&B gold, with tight production, breakdowns dripping with euphoric sparkliness & drops as heavy as anything from Ram Records. A unique sound from a real Maverick. 4/5


Mr. Freud & Red Sky are also available on John B - Mr. Freud / Red Sky - EP,, & your friendly local record store…

John B “Mr. Freud/Red Sky”

February 18, 2008

John B “Mr. Freud” mp3 Clip

John B feat. Shaz Sparks “Red Sky” mp3 Clip

Click to buy from John B - Mr. Freud / Red Sky - EP

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Click here to buy mp3s from the John B Store

This is John B’s first solo single since last year’s critically acclaimed electro drum & bass album Electrostep.

Mr. Freud has already had 160,000 plays on John Bs Myspace player, and is John B back at his best, fusing hard D&B beats with luxurious trancey strings, a heavy electrohouse-influencd B-line, and sleazy electroclash-style vocals & roboVocoders. It?s a dirty beast, a stand-out electrohouse-meets-D&B anthem, refreshingly different and another John B-designed genre-busting new direction for D&B.

Red Sky brings John back to the epic Trance & Bass style he pioneered with hits like Up all Night & Electrofreek! but with an updated production style for 2008. Shaz Sparks beautiful vocals compliment the fluid, euphoric trance textures. Grand piano & huge anthemic pads that Armin Van Buuren would be proud of are contrasted by a monstrous, grimey racecar reese bassline and heavy neurofunk groove, still smashing it in a DJ-friendly Drum&Bass framework.

Release Date: Feb 25th 2008